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Zhejiang Better Bio Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd was established at the end of 2018 as an affiliate of Zhejiang Better Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

At Zhejiang Better Bio Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. we professionally synthesis essay introduction outline the essay club and comprehensively develop methods for the production and use of substances of peptide nature, we engage in production and sales of pharmaceutical preparations related to genetic engineering products. Peptides are used to perform biological research, study in vitro activity, stability, toxicity, and carry out other physical and chemical experiments and processes. At our manufacturing site we use first-class GMP certified equipment.

Better Pharma is a three-floor detached building, with about 1000 m2 area, located in the city of Shaoxing, Paojiang Industrial Zone. The first floor accommodates the office, controlled temperature sample storage rooms (cool, cold and ambient temperature), and a room for stability study. The second floor houses rooms for physical, chemical, and instrumental testing. The third floor is a 150 m2 clean zone for assay, sterility, microbiology studies, etc.

Better Pharma manufactures and sells APIs, pharmaceutical preparations, and pharmaceutical intermediates. The annual production capability can reach 500 tons of APIs; 1,100,000,000 tablets as well as capsules; 40,000,000 units of lyophilized powder for injection.

The mission of Better Pharma is to strive for the highest level of performance to maximize its rapid development and become a leader in its industry. Fully compliant with the GMP standards, Better Pharma guarantees its customers only the highest quality materials, first class production sites and equipment, first class technologies and manufacturing processes, and thus the company warrants first class quality of all its products.

Our Slogan:
Dreams Require Health

Our Spirit:
Innovation, Endeavor, Fortitude, Dedication.

Our Human Conception:
Promote the capable; demote the incapable.

Our Quality Credo:
Quality improvement synthesis essay introduction outline the essay club is a continuous process.

Our Business Conception:
Honesty, Practicality, Brand, Profit.